El profesor Allan Carrington nos escribe!

Hemos tenido la agradable sorpresa de recibir un post del Profesor Allan Carrington, el creador de la famosa Padagogy Wheel, aquí lo reproducimos integramente. En las siguientes entradas tendre que traducir al español lo que indica. Saludos.

G’day and greetings from Adelaide South Australia

I am Allan Carrington the imagineer (as some call me) of the Padagogy Wheel.  I am honoured and thrilled that Aroldo translated the Padagogy Wheel into Spanish.  His blog post has generated between 20-30 tweets per day for weeks. A lot of Spanish speaking teachers are talking about this and that is great.  Below I will share a number of links to resources about this learning model.  I apologise that all but one are only in English but my hope is they will still help many.
Also may I suggest you (Aroldo) consider translating the Poste (See below: Link http://tinyurl.com/padwheelposter3) into Spanish ….I would really appreciate it and I am sure it will be of help to your colleagues.  Now for the resources.


A short video about the Padagogy Wheel at learning conference in Basque Country of Spain in 2013. It is only V2 but might be useful  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pgFB-7i6pdo&feature=youtu.be


This quote I particularly like as it is a succinct explanation of really what the Padagogy Wheel is all about.
The Padagogy Wheel visual places the idea of motivation and capabilities at the center, which gets at one of its more compelling characteristics as a model–the meshing of technology, thinking, and student motivation. Many of the failures in #edtech are failures in #edtech integration, and frameworks like the Padagogy wheel attempt to clarify the relationship between “big picture” elements. Seeing the pieces–tablets, apps, learning goals, cognitive actions, etc.–and how they work together is everything. Without that vision, any bit of #edtech is limp and lifeless.
Extract from te@chthought blog post: The Big Picture Of Education Technology: The Padagogy Wheel
Jeff Dunn: Editor Edudemic Blog Post:  Another article about the wheel that generated hundreds probaby thousands of tweets  «Updated Padagogy Wheel Tackles The Problem Of Motivation in Education»


Allan’s Learning and Teaching Blog
This is where I have been developing the Padagogy Wheel thinking and will always have my latest post on top of course
Introduction to the Padagogy Wheel Interactive Learning Module (ILM)
This is a presentation built with Articulate Studio 13 Pro and takes about 30 minutes to work through. This will help to get across how to use the learning model.
Grey Matter Grids Interaction
This interaction is in the ILM mentioned above but might be useful on its own
How to get the best use of the Wheel
This is my blog post about how to get the best use out of the wheel … it might work as a PDF handout with the poster.
PDF Poster Handout
Not sure where you saw the Padagogoy Wheel but this is the original poster of the latest version (V3) It has been downloaded from my website over 100,000 times in the last 14 months.  Please use this as a handout and it will print A3 as a mini poster
Youtube video Introduction to the Padagogy Wheel
Views 280115: 6867  Only 2 min  This was done just after release of Version 1 and doesn’t mention later developments at the core of the wheel but might be useful
At the Padagogy Wheel Core: Immersive Learning Targets Engagement
These are a number of podcast episodes and blog posts  about what I consider the most significant pedagogical approach today, that of Immersive Learning and Simulations … Ken Spero who features in some of these posts, does a lot of work with simulations in health care. The latest episode is called «Immersive Learning: Resilience Training?  is very important.
**** Allan’s Presentations Page on Blog *****
Finally this page of my blog is where all the slides and links are that I use in the Keynote presentations at conferences etc.  It might be worth a browse to see if a screenshot or two of selected slides might help you
Hope these help

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  1. I am very gratefull for your kindness professor Allan; I know you prefer to be called Allan but in Latin America it´s some kind of cultural thing to add the title to the name of the person, to show respect. I will have to translate the post for sure. Greetings from Guatemala.

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