My name is Aroldo David Noriega; I am 48 years old. I am from Guatemala, Central America, I live and work down here at ISEA, which is an adult distance learning school that offers a path like the GED so students can get to college at an older age.

For about 40 years my country endured a civil war that left some 200 thousand people dead. Many kids, like me, had to flee their homes and left school. Today, Guatemala is one of the poorest countries in Latin America and many people need to pursue their education again while struggling to work.

I graduated from High School or (GED) in 1994 at the age of 27; and graduated from college in 2010 when I was 42. In 1996 me and my wife founded ISEA [Instituto Superior de Educación Abierta] (Open School Institute) to help adult students complete their elementary and secondary school and provide an opportunity to get into college. Each year more than 10 thousand students complete their studies here, to date we have attended about 200 thousand students and graduated about 40 thousand of them.

Because the student population has grown so much, I went to college again and graduated with a Curriculum and Instruction Master degree at a local university, there I first learned about Donald Kirkpatrick´s Four Levels. I had the opportunity to attend ATD International Conference last year in Orlando FL and went to a workshop given by James Kirkpatrick.

The reason I´m taking this course and the Adult Certificate at KSU is because I want to experience the kind of education given by the best universities in USA; I would like later to pursue an EdD or similar but first I need to adapt myself to the kind of culture in American universities.

Aroldo David Noriega


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